Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mama-Nature here we go!
after discovering i was pregnant with my first child, i immediately began reading all that i could get my hands on to learn about what was happening to me and more importantly, what was going to happen. being of the more granola side of life, i wanted to have a natural birth and was determined that i was going to be the healthiest eating pregnant lady that ever walked the earth. oh yeah, and i was only going to gain just 25 pounds. right. that is another blog...to be written at another time.
well, after the recent birth of my second child, and after speaking with friends that are currently pregnant, i decided that i would start this blog sort of like a "helpful heather," providing my nitty gritty details on life after the birth of baby and dishing on what i've learned to be (so far) the best, can't live without goods and gear.

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